Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My daughter, the runner

I think I might have a future training partner in the making. ;)

My daughter, who will turn three on Friday, is a running addict!!

We (the two kids and myself) take walks as a family a few times a week. My son isn't old enough to walk yet, so he goes in the stroller. But my daughter refuses to sit in the stroller on walks, which is fine. It's good exercise.

Well, on Monday and today my daughter has decided she'd rather run the whole time than walk. I have never seen a three-year-old run so far at one time!!! She kept exclaiming how she loved running and wanted to run races with momma someday. Ha ha!! So cute!! She'd better watch out, because I will likely take her up on that offer when she's a bit older. ;)

Today we covered 1.18 miles, and she ran almost one mile of that!! It's amazing her little legs didn't give out!!

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J~Mom said...

Way to go to the whole fam!!