Monday, January 15, 2007

Now it's real

I found out today what my race bib number for the Trinidad to Clam Beach Run will be. Number 3002. Race officials have also posted the current list of who's participating in each event. There are four race courses: 3-miles, 5 3/4-miles, 8 3/4-miles and a half marathon. Since it's my first race I opted for the shortest course.

So far there are 46 people signed up for the 3-mile. It seems most are doing the 5 3/4-mile race. I think there are about 130 signed up for that one so far. And there are only four people signed up, to date, in my age division for the 3-mile. Talk about making me feel competitive. I am naturally competitive anyway, but seeing that my "division" is so small (they give out awards to the first finishers in every single age division for every distance) makes me want to go out and win!! Of course, I know that probably won't happen, but I'm going to give it my best shot. :)

I guess seeing that bib number made everything feel so real all of a sudden. And in a way it's scary. But it's also exhilirating and gives me something to shoot for in the near future.

I go out for Day 2 of Week 7 of my 5K training tomorrow. I'll be pushing the kids in the jogging stroller, which makes it much harder. But the good thing is race day should feel like a breeze in comparison!!

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J~Mom said...

I still remember getting my bib number, too. I danced around and was so excited!! If I knew there were only four in my category I would totally be all over that as well. You are going to do awesome!!