Wednesday, January 24, 2007

They can't all be easy....

Today was a tough run. The weather was getting icky. The rain clouds rolled in today and it got cold. Luckily it didn't rain, but it was still hard to get my head and body to cooperate today. I decided to run to the Rite Aid to pick up a prescription. It's about 1.15 miles one-way. I had an ache in my left hip before I even took a step out the door. Ick. Maybe that's why it felt harder to run today.

There are two big hills on the route I took: one on the way there and one the way back. Of course, that means there are two big hills to run down each way, too. Let me tell you, pushing that heavy jogging stroller up those hills just about killed me!! And going down isn't much easier. Thank goodness there's a hand break on the darn thing.

Anyway, I got there, picked up the 'script, and ran back. It didn't really feel great while I was doing it, but after I had finished running I felt good. I just wanted to get one more run in before my race on Saturday, so I am happy with that.

On a lighter note, I am going shopping for a some new jogging gear tomorrow!! Woo hoo!! Good timing, since one pair of my running pants now have a huge hole in the crotch. And I didn't even notice until I came back from my Monday jog. I was wearing pink underwear, too. Classy. I have decided to wait until after the race to buy new shoes, though. Not long ago I found a pair of Adidas runners in my closet that I wore maybe once a few years ago, then put away. So they're practically brand new. And they seem to be working fairly well for me now. Better than my old, worn-out New Balance shoes were.

Oh, and as of today there are 84 people signed up to do the three-mile race this weekend. And there are only six in my division. LOL! Meanwhile, 250 are currently signed up for the 5 3/4-mile race, 273 for the 8 3/4-mile and 99 for the half-marathon. Crazy that the shortest course would be the least popular!

Wish me luck for Saturday!!

Today's stats:
distance: 2.32 miles
time: 29:32 (slow like molasses!!!)
average: 12:44 minute/mile

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J~Mom said...

You and Brittney have something in common and you didn't even know it! ;>)

Pushing a jogging stroller up and down hills is TOUGH! You got it done though!!!

You are going to do fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!