Monday, January 12, 2009

The great time waster, part 2

So I have recently become addicted to Facebook. I have reconnected with a lot of former co-workers and classmates on that site. Talk about a time waster! But it's so freakin' addictive that I can't help myself. So if anyone still reads this blog (and is not already my friend on there), give me a holler so I can add you. :-)

Tomorrow is an early-morning run, so I'd better get to bed eventually.

Today's stats:
Stretch and strengthen
10 reps x 2 sets of: overhead curls, squats, abs, bicep curl, tricep curl, rows and pull-ups


Sonia said...

I'm friend with Marcy... Sonia M.... ;-)

it is a time waster!!

Caren said...

Funny that yesterday, when I saw your post title, I thought you were going to be talking about Facebook. I swear, I can't get my ass off of the computer once I start playing my nemesis Word Challenge...speaking of which, I need to head over for just a couple games before I get busy for the day...just a couple, I swear!

Dawn said...

I'm in FB too. Highly addictive! I'm Dawn Boller-Brown in Appleton, WI. Come be my friend!

Nikki said...

I hear yah!! I do the time waster too :p

Mendy said...

I'm addicted too. I always have a browser of FB up. It has wasted a lot of my time, but it's a good thing - reconnected with old friends is neat.

Cristina said...

I'm on facebook too... Don't know if we are friends on there..