Saturday, January 3, 2009

HM training has started!

Today was a perfect day for a run. Partly sunny yet crisp, with the temperature in the mid-40s and only a slight breeze.

I bundled up and headed out, planning to run about 2.5 miles (my "official" day of the HM training program is Monday, but I figured I'd use the weekend to get a head-start). I ended up going three miles instead. I had some new tunes on my iPod which, when coupled with the weather, made for a wonderful time. It felt so good to get back out there and have a good run. I am still woefully slow again, but I am not worried about that, as I will get faster again. I am just glad to be back at it.

Oh, and I think I want to switch things up this year, race-wise. I have become accustomed to doing several small races, both in distance and participant numbers (I did eight of them last year). This year, I want to do a few big races and maybe one or two small ones. I think that will keep me from getting bored.

So, if I have my way, I will be doing three HMs this year: the Shamrock'n HM in Sacramento (March), the Avenue of the Giants in Weott (May) and the San Jose Rock 'n' Roll HM (October). The last one is kind of a dream right now, but I hope I can make it a reality if my schedule allows me to. If I can't swing that one, I will probably do the Humboldt Redwoods HM in October.

Today's stats:
Distance: three miles
Time: 32:35
Pace: 10:52 minute/mile


Mendy said...

Great job on the first day of HM training!!! Your schedule looks good for the year! Good luck!!

Laurel said...

Yay!! Congrats on getting back at the training. Welcome back!