Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ahhh! Much better!

I got out for my first long run in a couple weeks today. All I can say is I really, *really* needed it. I was starting to feel totally funky (not in a good way), so going for an outdoor run was a great way to help with my blahs.

I went to the middle school track again, thinking I would run the whole time there. Well, about 3.5 miles into it I got bored and headed out on the street. I ran a little more than a mile through downtown and finished the last 1/2 mile on the track. It overall was a very good run. I don't think I PR'd this time, but it felt good to be back at it. Plus, the weather was spectacular today!

***Coming back to update***

I just went back through my previous posts and found that I DID set a PR for five miles today! My old PR was set WAY back in July. Cool!!!!

Today's stats:
Run (outdoors):
Distance: five miles
Time: 54:20 (new PR; previous was 54:48 set on July 22)
Pace: 10:51 minute/mile


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Nicely done! Running outside is always good for the head.

J~mom said...

Great job! I know that funky feeling.

David said...

Good to see you are over (the worst part of, at least) your cold, and back at it. Gotta squeeze in as many outside runs as possible before that damn old man winter comes to town and camps out.

Marcy said...

Awesome!!! I'm so glad you're feeling better :-)