Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Two freak outs ... and a goal

I had two freak out incidents within about 20 minutes today. Fun.

The first one happened when I picked Kara up from preschool. All the three-year-olds were out front playing when I arrived. Matty loves to come and join the other kids, which I allow him to do for a few minutes while I talk with Kara's teacher and pick up her stuff.

Teacher Ronnie (Kara LOVES her, and so do I) and I were chatting about college courses when we turned our heads just in time to see Matty fall face-first on the concrete. I mean, he just splayed out and the sound his body made was kinda sickening. I ran over to him and he was doing what we call the "silent cry." His face was beet red, his mouth was wide open and tears were forming, but no sound was coming out. I hate that cry. It always scares me. I looked in his mouth, and sure enough there was blood everywhere. I took him into the bathroom and cleaned him up. Thankfully, his teeth were all OK (I was so worried he'd either chip another one or knock one out), and the blood stopped quickly. Two minutes later, he's back out playing like nothing ever happened. He does have a fat lip now, though.

Second freak out happened on the way home. I took our dog, Spike, with us to pick Kara up from school. He's a Yorkie and loves to ride in the van, so I figured what the heck. On the way home, Kara and I decided to stop by the local strawberry patch and buy a basket of fresh-picked strawberries (they are SO good!!!). I stopped the van, left the kids and dog in the car while I walked 15 steps to the fruit stand. What I forgot to do was shut the door completely. I paid for my berries, got in and drove off.

About three minutes later, I realized the dog wasn't in the car. Cue freak out mode. I turned around as fast as I could and sped back to the strawberry stand. As I got out of the car, the man I bought the berries from asked me if I was looking for my dog. He saw Spike running around the parking lot and herded him inside the stand, thinking his owner would return soon. I was relieved yet mad at Spike at the same time. And I was angry at myself because I hadn't put his collar and tags on this morning because we were only going for a quick trip. Lesson learned.

Nikki asked me what my goal is for this weekend's 5K. I am thinking I would be happy with a time of 31 minutes or faster, but I don't know if that will be possible. The course is in Arcata, near the course I ran in August, which was so hilly and difficult. So if it's hilly, I would be happy with a time of 32 minutes. But really, I am just happy I can run, so if I don't meet my goal it's no biggie. :-)

I have class tonight. I decided not to work out today, since my heart already had enough stress this afternoon. LOL! I will resume tomorrow. :-)


Mary Gee said...

Wow. My heart just about stopped 2 times just reading this. I hate that silent, red-faced cry. It scares the crap out of me!

Marcy said...

There is nothing worse than "that" cry and then when they do "go" it's this horrific blood curdling scream. It always always scares me to death. Thankfully in both situations everything turned out OK :-) Phhheewwwww

Wes said...

Awwwww. I hate that cry too. You just got got wait for them to remember to breath. Glad the puppy was safe and sound. I got a special spot in heart for dogs :-)

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

Ugh, that cry is a scary one. Glad to hear all his teeth were fine. Mouths/heads are such heavy bleeding areas so it always looks so much worse than it is, and then you always have the added benefit of the blood freaking the kid out even more.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh I hate those mommy freak out incidents. I feel for ya. Have lost the dog a couple times too, not good. I finally figured out she just goes to Grandma's!

Good luck on that 5k. Sounds like fun. We are close in time too, wish we could run together. I was just thinking today about signing up for our Komen Breast Cancer one in 4wks.

J~mom said...

Oh no!! I hate when they cry like that! I am glad everything turned out ok but how scary!! I hate the adrenaline rush from stuff like that and then you feel beat afterwards.

Good luck at your 5K!! I know you are going to do awesome!!

Mendy said...

I too hate that cry. I tell Grace, "breathe child". Yea, that always works - what a stressed day you had. Hope you had an adult beverage to calm you!