Thursday, September 13, 2007

Down with the sickness -- UPDATE


I went to the doctor this morning because my head was in excruciating pain, and I have yet another sinus infection. Thank goodness I went though, because now I have some antibiotics and painkiller for my throat and head. My head is pounding right now though, and I can hear my pulse in my left ear. Ewwwwwww.

Tim managed to come home early to watch the kids so I can rest. I have been sleeping most of the afternoon. I will be heading back to bed in a second, but I just wanted to update ya'll on my ills. Being sick sucks!

Oh, I feel like I am dying this morning.

I went to lab last night, and started feeling progressively worse as time went on. By the time we got out at 9:30, I seriously thought I wasn't going to make it home, I was so dizzy and my throat was killing me!

I stopped by the store to get some meds (NyQuil and DayQuil), along with some 7UP for the throat. I don't know why but 7UP always seems to help soothe it. Then I watched Top Chef (all groggy-like) and climbed into bed.

I am up now because at 3 a.m. I awoke feeling like poop again. Off to take more NyQuil. I also took my temp, and it was 102.7. Yep, I am definitely fighting off something. Probably the same disease Kara and Matty are wrapping up.

There will be NO workout for me today. I think I will be lucky if I get off the couch at all. I doubt I will work out tomorrow, either. I HATE being sick! Bah!!!

Oh, but the awesome news is that I was in a different lab group tonight and it was much better than last week. Hallelujah. We officially got our labs back from the first week (I already knew I got 20 out of 20 because I checked on the Internet, where she posts our grades). No one in my group got a perfect score beside me! I think they all got 17s. One of the girls asked me how I did, and I was almost embarrassed to tell her. I just didn't want them thinking I was gloating or anything. But I was so happy!

All right, back to bed now. Hope everyone has a great Thursday. :-)


Wes said...

Awwww! Hope you feel better soon!!

Nikki said...

yuck yuck yuck! I'm getting over sinus infection...but no fever after day 2...I hate being sick :'(

Hope you enjoy your day on the couch and at least get one good movie in !

David said...

I hope you are feeling better very soon! I hate having a cold or other sickness. Just such a waste of time, since you can't really do anything else effectively.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Sorry to hear you be illin. Definitely the right thing to do not to workout with a fever.

We will just rename you "curve-buster!"

Non-Runner Nancy said...

OOHHH, I'm so sorry, I had that crap last week so I know what you are going through. Naps, take lots of naps.

Take care of yourself. You will be back out there soon.

The One and Only Tigger said...

Get lots of rest and get better.

Mendy said...

Oh, that sucks big time! I hope the meds you got from the Dr helps you out! I have had this head cold I have over a week now and am sick of having it. My head is stopped up that I hear myself eat... sucks.

Get better chica!!

Sonia said...

Hope you fight it off and its gone soon. Rest well.

Congrats on your perfect score! That's awesome, you're going to rck your class!

Nikki said...

I'm glad Tim is home and letting you rest :D Take those meds( i shouldn't have been stubborn and gotten some) and rest up!

J~mom said...

Glad you got into the doc! Feel better soon!!!!

Laurel said...

Poor thing! I hope you are feeling better soon. Get lots of rest, you deserve it!