Friday, September 21, 2007

Conquering the world, three miles at a time

The title kinda says it all, no? ;-)

At least I was able to run today. I hopped on the treadmill while Matty napped and Kara watched The Little Mermaid -- AGAIN. That girl just LOVES that movie!!

I only felt well enough to run three miles. And I didn't keep track of the time. Today was one of those days where the time didn't matter to me. I just wanted to get it done!

I am hoping to feel better this weekend so I can run longer than that. Actually, I might try to do another short run tomorrow and then a long one Sunday. That would be perfect.

Today's stats:
Run (treadmill)
Distance: three miles
Time: didn't keep track


Laurel said...

Its good for you to not pay attention to time every now and then. God job on getting in a run when you are feeling crappy.

Jason The Running Man said...

Keep up the mileage. Sometimes its good not to keep track. Just trying to catch up with you.

Mary Gee said...

I need to learn how to do that. I would be so much happier if I did.

Marcy said...

Do I foresee a little girl being the Little Mermaid for Halloween?

Great job on that run Momma! Way to get er done!

Randy said...

Great effort in forgetting about the clock....that is a difficult one to do.....and when the clock is broken we tend to go straight into panic mode...hope you got your runs in this weekend....

J~mom said...

I have so much trouble running without the clock but I do need to try that now and then! Great job!