Thursday, September 6, 2007

Kickin' ass and takin' names

That's what I was doing in my biology lab last night.


We had an extra credit lab last night. That is because half of our class goes to lab on Monday and the other on Wednesday, but Monday was a holiday so those students didn't have class. To make things fair, instructor Jen made last night's lab optional and will give those who complete the work extra credit. Boo yah!!!

So the lab was about pH and buffers, something I knew little (very little) about until last night. We had to work in groups of four, which were assigned by which table we happened to sit at. Unfortunately for me, my lab partners were idiots. One of the girls was a total bitch, while the other girl (I think she was a girl; she was SO butch!) did nothing and ended up leaving early (I was secretly happy about that). The guy was a slacker who did little, also.

We had to do two experiments in lab. The first one was testing the pH levels of different liquids, making tables of results, and seeing if crushed-up Rolaids make a good buffer. For those who are not biologists (join the club, LOL), buffers are basically solutions that resists changes in pH when small quantities of an acid or an alkali are added to it. It was actually fun.

Our second experiment was one we had to come up with ourselves. My totally useless partners (now sans butch girl) sat around with their thumbs up their butts while I came up with our experiment and got it approved by Jen. Most of the other groups decided to test if milk makes a good buffer. I thought it would be much more interesting to see if one of the other liquids would act as a buffer against sodium hydroxide (a basic solution). I chose grape juice (we had just a few options). So I designed the entire experiment (which Jen told me was the best one of all the groups, oh yeah!) and carried it out while bitch girl scowled and slacker dude, well, slacked. Jen said I rocked it and I actually understood it, too!!! That was the best part, I believe. :-)

Only three students stayed the entire lab session (we could leave after our second experiment was done). The three of us are considered the "older" students. I spoke with Jen about my awful lab partner experience, and she sympathized and told me to sit somewhere else next week and see if there are better people to work with. The two other "older" students told me they'd love to work with me in lab, but they're in the Monday session. Bah! Jen told me in a couple weeks I could transfer to that lab if I want, since people usually drop out by that time. I think I will do that.

I want to surround myself with the people who are my age and are there for the same reasons. Kristen, one of the older ones who stayed late last night, is also 32 and has five kids (three biological), a husband and full-time job. She also wants to go into nursing, but eventually wants to be a lactation consultant for new moms. She and I exchanged emails addresses, so I think I might have a study buddy!

I know this will sound so snooty, but I have no use for 19-year-old lab partners who are there because they have to be, not because they want to be. And you can tell easily who those people are. It's frustrating, especially since I WANT to be there.

Switching gears, I did sneak in a workout tonight. Just a bike ride. Matty has been sick and had a hard time sleeping last night. He has lots of phlegm and a very stuffy nose. It was so bad I went to the store at 5:30 a.m. to get him some meds. Then, after I gave it to him, he went into a coughing fit and projectile vomited all over me, himself and the floor. Ick. He threw up twice today, but by bedtime tonight he seemed to be feeling a little better already.

Today's stats:
Distance: 12 miles
Time: 45:33


Wes said...

Way to kick ass, in the lab no less :-) It's nice to surround yourself with people who have "it", whether that's running or a desire to learn. Awesome!!!!

Mendy said...

Awesome job in the lab!!!! I had noooo idea what you were talking about at all, but it sounded cool and very smart-like. haha...

You know, it sucks for all those students to go to school when they don't want to be. They don't realize how well they got it and probably don't appreciate it from the way you spoke of them. Man, I sure wished my parents had had the money to send me to college. I would have jumped at it, but instead I had to join the military or keep working my way up at a local grocery store. I'm so jealous. Bah-humbug.

I'd join the other group too If I had the opportunity. Afterall, you wouldn't be pulling the weight for 4 people, instead of just yourself as you are now. Sounds like your teacher recognized that you did all the work.

Do you ride a stationary bike or outside road bike? I may have already asked this. My cold doesn't have my head too clear as of now.

Marcy said...

I agree with you Michelle. I would do the same also. Not only because of the work ethic but were you are in your life, KWIM? It's hard relating to someone who isn't in the same spot (marriage, kids, a mortgage, etc) in life as you. I'm not saying that all the younger folks are like that but you know where I'm coming from LOL Aesome job chica!!

The One and Only Tigger said...

Good luck on your run tomorrow. I came across your blog from Marcy, Java Mom, etc. Have seen your postings, but finally got a chance to check your blog out. I see your picture looks like Java Moms picture are you the artist? I am impressed with your lab, and can appreciate your thoughts of the kids whose parents are flipping the bill. I was one of them, and got c's in undergrad. Since then I went to get 2 masters the first with a 3.0 gpa and a 3.8 gpa. I finally grew up and I had to pay for both masters, you get more out of it when you are paying the bill.
I hope that Matty is feeling better.

The One and Only Tigger said...
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Non-Runner Nancy said...

Ah yes, biology lab, lots of memories. :0) Great job setting up your own little experiment.

Isn't it sad that college is at a time of most people's life that they really don't get it yet, they don't realize what the opportunity can bring them.

Hang in there, you are sure to shine in this bunch!!

Don't tell me you had another jerky comment? OFTLOG (Oh, for the love of God!)

David said...

How many of those kids will regret not paying attention in a few years. Too bad, really. But, they'll get their sheepskin and get into a job, wide eyed and naieve. Mistakes are also a great instructor.

Glad you are leading the way in class. Hopefully nobody will whine when you get a good grade and they don't, like Jess's student did.

Michelle said...

Nancy, I didn't get another jerky comment. LOL! Tigger posted a comment twice and I accidentally posted both of them. I removed the duplicate. :-)

Mendy said...

I forgot to mention - Good luck on your race tomorrow! and don't forget to have fun!!!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Sorry to hear Matty is sick. I hope he feels better soon.

Good luck with the race tomorrow. I'm hopeing you will be Kickin' ass and takin' names there too.

Nikki said...

Great job on the lab and surrounding yourself with greater people ;)

Good luck tomorrow!!!

J~mom said...

Good luck on your 5k!!!!!! I can't wait to hear about it!!

I am doing my class online so I don't have to see any peeps. LOL I am glad about that because I would be the old lady! :>)

Jess said...

There's a huge difference in attitude between "tradition" college students and "nontraditional." Most students who return to college later are there because they want to learn, and that makes every class valuable.

Laurel said...

I knew you would do great in school again! Congratulations!