Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Squeezing workouts in

It seems like my recent workouts have been squeezed in when I have time. I have been so busy with class and studying that working out has been secondary. But I am still doing it!

I have my first big biology test tomorrow, so I hope this weekend I will feel a little less stressed and be able to do a long run. The good thing is I feel about as well-prepared as I can be for this test, as I have been memorizing everything and studying every day. I am hoping it won't be as hard as we all think!

I got my grades for my second lab and the extra credit lab I completed. I got perfect scores on both! So now I have earned 60 points out of a possible 40! Thanks, extra credit!!! ;-) It's a good thing I am ahead of the game, because I will be missing a lab next month because we're going on vacation. So I need all the extra credit I can get!!!

Today's stats:
Stationary bike:
Distance: 10 miles
Time: 34:28


Mary Gee said...

I am glad to see you are feeling better. Maybe I will live to see another run too?

Wes said...

Good luck on your test!!!

David said...

At least you are squeezing them in when possible. It would be easy to make excuses, so way to go!

If you have a score higher than an "A", how is it documented? With a character? Is your class grade currently a "^" or maybe a "+". I've never been in that situation (more of a class clown), so it's completely foreign to me.

J~mom said...

Good luck with your test!!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Good luck on your test!! You'll do great. Keep making time for the workouts. I had to make myself a schedule to MAKE myself squeeze them in. You are doing great!!

Mendy said...

That's fantastic about your class! You're definately way ahead of the game, and I'm sure you'll do great on your test.

At least you're squeezing in working out when you can!!!

Marcy said...

Good luck with that test chica! If your labs are any indication of how well you'll do on the test . . .you will rock!

Sonia said...

I hope you did well on your test Michelle =)