Monday, September 24, 2007

Gonna toot my horn

So I got the results back today from my first big biology test, taken last week.

I just knew I had done well after I finished taking it.

I didn't know how well until tonight.

Out of 100 possible points, I received 100. :-) Only one other person in our class (of almost 50 students) got 100 points.

Overall, 11 people got an A, 11 a B, 10 garnered a C, 4 received a D and a whopping 11 earned an F.

Teacher Jen wrote little green stars on the front of my test. ;-)

I did just fine.

Out of a total of 140 points for the entire class, I have earned 160. Thanks again, extra credit!

I will really not be happy now unless I keep this A until the end of the semester. I don't see why I wouldn't, though.

Coming back on to add my stationary bike ride stats from tonight. :-)

Today's stats:
Distance: 10 miles
Time: 36:54


Wes said...

Holy Cow! You are brilliant :-)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I'm sure those 11 who failed are just loving you for crushing the curve.

Serves them right for not studying. Great job!

Sonia said...

You BIG GEEK!! hahaha congrats that is awesome and such a confidence booster!!! hooray for you =)

David said...

Yep, the "teacher's pet" thing continues to pay off for you. Maybe you should get to class early next time and move your seat way up to the front, right by her desk. That would be funny!

Congrats, though. I know it's more hard work than anything else, so you did great!

J~mom said...

Awesome job!!!!!!

Marcy said...

You.rock. Awesome job chica!! ;D ;D

Mendy said...

That's awesome!!! Way to go. That's a lot to be proud of and you can toot your own horn for it. You deserve it!!!

Great job on your PR on your 5 miler also!! That's fantastic and I'm sure it made you feel great!!

J~mom said...

Nice job on your ride!!

Let me know what you want me to tell you from the pic. I will explain any of it. :>)

J~mom said...

Don't feel stupid!!!!!!!

The spray is for your helps keep them from fogging up. So it's a cleaner/de-fogger.

The other two things are for electrolyte replacement. I have only used gels for so long and didn't realize that I needed to be replacing electrolytes as well. Oops. So you might need those for running as well. I am going to try them on my runs over 2 hours. You would use the NUUN like gatorade except it doesn't have any sugar in it. It is little tablets that you put into water.

J~mom said...

J~mom said...

Here are the other little capsules

J~mom said...

The beat the heat ones are for really hot or long workouts. :>)

Non-Runner Nancy said...

CONGRATS on an AWESOME start for the semester. You will do great!!

Nikki said...

Great job Michelle!! I'm proud of you :D

Laurel said...

I knew it! Great job!