Sunday, August 26, 2007

Awesome run today!

Let me start off this post by saying that I have enabled the feature to preview reader comments before they are posted. Some asshat came by here a couple days ago and posted something mean in the comment section (I have since deleted it). But it made me realize that I should probably preview all the comments before they are added to ensure that jerks I don't even know don't get their two cents in at my expense.

Come to find out this person is a first-class loser who has posted snarky comments on other blogs, as well (yeah, I investigated his retarded little blog. He thinks *I'm* boring? Whatever). He is certainly NOT welcome here again. Seems like he really has an issue with women (since he's likely a 60-year-old virgin) and some guy named Mike.

Of course I still want all my running buddies here to post!! I promise I will post the comments from the people I know I can trust. :-)

Oh, and the main purpose of this blog is to track my running progress and get feedback from fellow runners. Sure, that is probably boring to some. If I wasn't so into running, I would likely be bored to tears by it. LOL! But then again, I wouldn't waste my time reading and commenting if that was the case.

And just a heads-up: I might make this blog private if I feel I need to. I will let ya'll know ahead of time and invite you guys if that happens. I hope it won't, but I am feeling kinda burned right now. :-(

OK, enough venting.

That being said, I had an awesome run today!! I headed to the track this time for my long run. I tried out my new fuel belt (love it, BTW!), and I figured the track would be a good place since I could ditch it in the truck if I really hated it. Luckily, I found that after a couple laps I didn't even remember I had it on. Yay for that! And it had room for my keys and cell phone. Bonus!

My plan was to run for one hour, but I ended up stretching it to a 10K. It didn't take me that long to complete the distance. In fact, I handily set a PR for 10K. Woo hoo!! Maybe I should run all my races around a track. ;-)

Back to the fuel belt. I left two of the four water bottles at home, which turned out to be a mistake. I figured since I was running at a school that I would be able to fill the bottles when I needed to. I didn't figure that the stupid drinking fountain wouldn't be operating yet. Ugh. So after I drank all the water I brought, I ended up running to the nearby gas station to buy some more. My last mile or so was spent running around some neighborhoods of downtown Fortuna.

I liked the fuel belt so much that I might even use it for shorter runs. It's nice to not have anything in my hands when I run, you know?

Today's stats:
Run (outside):
Distance: 6.2 miles
Time: 1 hour, six minutes, 58 seconds (former PR was 1:11:30 (seriously!!) set on June 24)
Pace: 10:48 minute/mile (I am pretty freakin' proud of this!!)


Laurel said...

If your blog is so boring why is he reading it?

There are way too many people allowed on the internet and they all feel the need to express their invalid opinions of others. Don't let it get to you.

There are plenty of us who love coming here!

Nikki said...

wooooooaaaaahhhh freeky stalker alert! Mork from Dork??? A Manny stalker :p HAHAAAA Well kudos to you for deleting and having the upper hand ;)

ITA though, not everyone thinks I'm funny *SHOCK AND HORROR RUNS ACROSS MY FACE* but hey, dont laugh or read..kwim?

GEt a life is more like what I want to say to the snatch who preyed upon you :p

Also, being public makes us prey to we have to take it as what it is..kwim?

(HUGS) I know it had to shake you a bit...but try to shake them off like the leeech they are :D

GREAT JOB on the PB!! YOu go girl!

What kind of fuel belt did you get? Brand, style, pic?

I sooo hated the one I had on when I first started running(it was one I got years ago for walking). IT would ride up to the smallest part of my waist, instead of where I put it at my belly button *AGAIN SHOCKED..Belly button isn't the smallest part of my waistline* and it jiggled around so much I sinched it up tighter and then well couldn't breathe!! HAHAAA Not good when running ;) or learnign to run.

ANYWAYS....GReat 10km!!!

David said...

Great job with the PR, and nice work on booting the little troll. The internet is the bathroom wall of modern life, and some idiots can't do anything but put up swear words and stupid crap. I guess that's all they have to offer the world.

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

That really sucks Michelle. I'm sorry that happened to you.

Great run! Glad you got a fuel belt that you like :)

Wes said...

Blah!! Don't worry about people posting stupid comments. They are obviously looking for attention that they aren't getting on their blog or in real life.

Nice run!! You should be proud. You continue to make great and impressive strides in your running!!

J~mom said...

You could always move your blog around a bunch.:>)

Awesome job on your PR!!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Sorry about the big jerky guy. Sounds like someone needs to get a life. I don't think you are boring at all :) And if someone did, wouldn't they normally just leave without posting? What a creep.

Anyways, thanks for keeping up the support (and apparently not thinking that I am totally boring). I really appreciate this through a sucky time. And let me just say, "WOOOO HOOOOO" You are so awesome doing this PR, great pace, you SHOULD be proud!! I love it when they go unexpectedly well -- makes you feel so strong. And, keeps you coming back!!

Mendy said...

LMAO at Nikki... she's a nut!

Stalkers suck. I had one drop a comment on my blog once, then immediately turned on no anonymous. Sucks... I totally understand your decision.

GREAT RUN!!! what a pace PR too!!!! YOU SHOULD be very proud!!!!! Yah... :-)

Sonia said...

I hate it when people leave bad comments, nobody forces you to read this blog and if you don't like it then MOVE ON. There are tons of other places to be nasty. Anyway, don'T let this let you down cause we don't think you're boring =) Obviously we always come back to read and comment so that's the proof itself that some people care about this blog and like it.

Cheers to that! =)