Friday, August 17, 2007

Slow and steady

Today's run was another treadmill one, as I was busy all day and knew I couldn't squeeze in an outdoor run before it started getting dark. Plus, I wanted to try and do a slow one to work on my endurance while burning some fat. Seems that the treadmill is the only real way I can get myself to slow down. And I have become complacent with three-mile runs, so I needed to add some distance tonight.

I ran four miles on that thing. That's the farthest I've run on the treadmill to date. Not bad!! It really wasn't as torturous as I thought it might be. Don't tell anyone, but I kind of enjoyed it! Who would've thought??

I probably will take tomorrow as a rest day before my long run on Sunday. Happy Saturday, everyone!

Today's stats:
Treadmill run:
Distance: four miles
Time 46:40
Pace: 11:40 minutes/mile


J~mom said...

Looking good!! I hope you are feeling better!

Marcy said...

DO you watch tv while you're on that thing? My God I can't believe you liked it LOL

Whoooo Hoooo new clothes are always a nice thing! ;D Sweet for Tim ;D

I agree with you, it doesn't seem like a normal pain. It feels like "normal" pain to me only because it's the same type of pain that I used to get when I was pg with the kids. Honestly I think it might be a left over thing from pregnancy that may not have healed itself correctly and now that I'm running it doesn't help :-/ This is the first time that it's come up regularly and more painfully (the only other times it would irritate me was on long runs but I always figured that was just because I just ran 10+ miles LOL) I think *sniff* *sniff* what's going to have to happen is that after a little break if it doesn't feel better I will have to go see the Doc. Blah. Thanks for looking out for me though, I appreciate it ;D

laurel said...

Nice job on the clothes! Gotta love a good deal.

I secrety like the treadmill too. It can get boring, but if there is good TV on or good music on your ipod, it's kinda nice to just zone out and not worry about traffic or running into a pothole! Plus it is a nice break for the knees every once in awhile.

Ha. Now I want to go find a treadmill! ;)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I'll be sure to keep your treadmill addiction hush-hush. ;-)

Good job with the run and good luck with your long run.