Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Need to get back on track

Yesterday was supposed to be a run day. Tim was going to run with me, but in the end he didn't feel well enough, so we just walked around the neighborhood with the kids.

I ran this morning instead. I dropped Kara off at school (no more tears now, and she abruptly left me to get a seat at the table to have breakfast with her classmates. No good-bye or anything, LOL!), and Matty fell asleep once we got home. So I hopped on the treadmill for a short (and slower) three miles. I still have to take a shower before he wakes up. If not for that, I probably would have gone four miles.

Tomorrow I will try to run in the morning. If I go outside, I'll have to take the kids in the stroller. We'll see what I feel like doing when that time comes, I guess.

I have class again tonight (it's my LONG day). Happy Wednesday and happy running!!

Today's stats:
Run (treadmill):
Distance: three miles
Time: 33:52
Pace: 11:17 minute/mile


J~mom said...

Looks good! I started my class as well, it makes for some looong days!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great job getting the run in. It's amazing just how quickly the little ones get over their fear and just resume "normal" life.

David said...

No joke, Chad. Sometimes Grace will cry and cry all morning, and as soon as we walk through the door of her class at "school" (daycare) she goes to the teacher and is as happy as a clam.

I've thought many times of training with a jogging stroller, so I'd really be fast without it. It may work, but haven't put theory to practice.

Mary Gee said...

Good luck with your class! Going back to school is one of the best things in the world!

Mendy said...

So sad, you didn't get a goodbye. Yea, they grow sooo very fast!

Great run, and hope your day didn't seem too very long (yes, I'm late at responding to everyone's blogs)...