Friday, August 31, 2007

Had to break out the stroller today

I just have to say that 4 1/2 hours is not enough time.

That is how long Kara is in preschool, three days a week. But it seems like that time just blows by, taken up with housework (today I did laundry and dishes), playing with Matty and other routine tasks (eating, for example).

I didn't have time to run in the morning. So I loaded Matty into the stroller and ran to the preschool to pick up Kara. The route I took was exactly two miles from the point where I started running to the fence outside the school. Cool. I collected the munchkin and ran back home. In all, it wasn't a bad run. But I did have to run across a busy street (at the light and in the crosswalk, of course), and that always makes me nervous.

I have a new favorite song to run to. It's "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne. I feel like the oldest person on the planet listening to that song (LOL!) but it has a great rhythm that my feet like to match and it's just peppy as hell. I did my entire run to that song today (thanks, iPod!!) and it was great. I always seem to find one song to obsess over while running. So I know someday Avril will be usurped by someone else. :-)

Today's stats:
Run (outdoors):
Distance: 4.01 miles
Time: 43.01
Pace: 10:44 minute/mile


Marcy said...

Michelle you're scaring me LOL. We have Keira's open house this Thursday. I'm practically salivating at all the "things I can do" with my spare time without an extra one in tow.

That's an awesome pace for stroller running!! GREAT job!!

David said...

Wow, your pace behind a stroller is better than you 6 miler, and way better than your dreadmill run, if I'm reading correctly. Way to go!

That sounds like some crazy schedule juggling, but you pulled it off. Sweet! Can't relate on the song choice, though. Sorry.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Wow, great multi-tasking. Picking up kid while getting run in. Awesome. You listened to the same song over and over? :)

Mary Gee said...

Great run, and multi-tasking too! I listen to the same song over and over too. I figured last summer when I got on a Christina Aguilara kick that I had to be the oldest person alive listening to her.

Nikki said...

Great run! Fitting all the stuff in is kinda tough :p Our lists get long!

I think I have you beat, I listen to girlfriend and am older then you ;) GREAT song btw :)

J~mom said...

My little guy only goes for 3 hours a day! Talk about dropping off and coming right back!

Way to go with the stroller!