Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dollar Tree diva

So I am having a secret love affair with the Dollar Tree.

It started last weekend when we went to the Dollar Tree in the Bayshore Mall in Eureka. I was looking for some lined paper for my class and a folder to put Kara's school artwork in. I found that, along with a toy for each kid and a new pen for me. Whoopie!!!

Today, the kids and I went to the Dollar Tree in Fortuna after Kara got out of school. I was looking for safety scissors for Kara, since her teacher told me today that she loves to cut and paste things. I secretly knew this, because earlier this summer she found my collection of old photos (mostly of high school friends) and took a pair of MY scissors to them when I wasn't looking. Oh, she got in big trouble that day.

We didn't find the scissors, but the three of us spent some time looking at everything. There really is some cool stuff there. I really hate admitting that, since I used to think all they sold was crap. Don't get me wrong; I am sure there is still some crap there. But there were so many things that caught my eye and seemed to be a good bargain. In the end, Kara walked away with a new magic wand, while Matty got a squishy ball resembling a lion. I got nothing for myself. Oh well.

Following our bargain-hunting escapade, both kids came home and conked out. Not wanting to waste my free time, I hopped on the treadmill. No, it wasn't supposed to be a running day, but what the hell. I figured since yesterday was more of a speed day, today would be nice and slow.

If I do my scheduled run tomorrow, that will be three days in a row of running. And Friday is also supposed to be a run day. So I could have four consecutive days of running this week. I hope my body doesn't retaliate. LOL!

And I did bump my goal to 500 miles for the year. I can do it!!

Today's stats:
Treadmill run:
Distance: three miles
Time: 34:43
Pace: 11:34 minute/mile


Running Hoosier said...

Sometimes we just have to give in to that urge to run.

My wife is a Dollar Tree addict as well. That usaully is her first stop to find odds and ends.

David said...

That's gotta be a great place to take kids for "just one thing" and leave the store without spending a bunch when you cave and get them 3 things each.

BTW, thanks for the support during my recovery! Hopefully I'll be back at it soon.

Marcy said...

Dude I don't care what anyone says. That place rocks like no ones business when it comes to coloring books, puzzles, and other "junk" for the kids. It's cool cause Keira is always like "Mom can I have this?" and it's like "Yeah sure get 10 of them for that price" LMAO!

J~mom said...

I heart dollar tree!!!! I love taking the kiddos there and saying everyone gets two things today. It's also a fantastic place to get party favors. LOVE IT!

Wes said...

Sounds like me at the Tri-store :-) Ouch!!