Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My teacher, my peer

So I talked with my biology instructor tonight and found out we have a lot in common.

-We're both 32.
-We both used to live in the Redding area, and during the same time frame.
-We both have kids. She just had a baby girl this past April.
-We both enjoy running.

I am pretty darn excited about this!! We had lab tonight, and once the "formal" part was over at 9:30, almost everybody ran out. But this woman, Kim, and I stayed until 9:55, when the class officially ended. Come to find out, Kim did Stroller Strides in Eureka back in March when I did it for a week or so. She and I talked then, and I knew she looked familiar tonight. We chatted and that's when we made the connection. She even remembered my name!!

So Kim, my teacher Jen and I talked about kids, exercising, boobs (LOL!) and other things women tend to gab about. I must say I really like Jen. It's almost like having a friend of mine tutoring me in biology rather than a formal instructor. I feel much more comfortable now that I know she is my peer.

The next meeting is next Wednesday (since Monday is a holiday). I am actually looking forward to going now! Yippee!!! :-)


David said...

Now that's pretty cool. Definately a different environment for you now. Small world, huh?

J~mom said...

That is a small world!! I am glad you are enjoying your class!

Sonia said...

This is great! Making your class a lot less scary than you thought!! I'm happy for you =)

Mendy said...

So very cool! I've always been a type of girl to hang out with the guys more than girls, but am realizing now (as I get older), that socializing more with women is therapeutic.

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

That makes such a huge difference if you like your prof and feel comfortable!

Laurel said...

That's great. I had a good friend tutor me once and it made learning so much more fun and easy.