Sunday, August 12, 2007

Scrapping this weekend

So I decided this morning to just not work out this entire weekend and start over tomorrow morning.

I have been too sick (first with a gastro flare, now with a wicked head cold) to do anything. I stayed on the couch most of today and slept a lot. I think my body really needed the rest.

Unfortunately, Matty also appears to have this cold and I am just praying that Kara doesn't get sick before she starts preschool tomorrow.

If everything pans out, I will do a three-miler early tomorrow before taking Kara to school.

Until later, my friends....


Jason The Running Man said...

Get yourself better and I hope Kara is ok. Rest and recovery are just as important. Have a good 3 miler.

Laurel said...

Ohh, hope you are feeling better!