Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Humidity+sun+running=cranky Michelle

OMG, it is so humid here today!!! Sixty-three percent humidity. Ick!!

I went for my run today, thinking it would be a fun one. I decided to literally run my errands today. I had to pay some bills at the doctor's office and buy a couple things at the store. I usually like running to a predetermined place because it gives me a specific goal, kind of like the finish line at a race.

Well, I had a feeling today was going to suck royally after my warm-up walk was over. I was already sweating -- a lot! Uh oh. So I ran to the doctor's office, which was about a mile away. I felt OK at first and finished Mile 1 in under 11 minutes. But once I started my second leg of the run to the store, I started feeling like my energy was just being sucked from my body. And the sun was pounding down on my face, which made me sweat that much more. I kinda missed the clouds today. :-(

Anyway, the remainder of the run was all sorts of crappy. My body felt sluggish after a while and I had to keep stopping to rehydrate (I still haven't mastered running with the stroller and drinking yet). I couldn't wait to be done. I'm sure I got my runner's high, but it was overshadowed by my general feeling of yuckiness. When I finally finished, I was so happy. Plus, I actually finished faster than I thought I would, despite the fact my second mile was REALLY slow.

I can now understand how awful it must be for those of you in the southern states, where it gets really humid. I am thinking of Laurel, Jason and my sister-in-law Becky, specifically. I think I would die if I had to run in that all the time!! Here's hoping it's not so muggy next time I go out.

Today's stats:
Distance: 3.1 miles (5K)
Time: 35:04
Pace: 11:19 min/mile

Mile 1: 10:41
Mile 2: 11:42
Mile 3: 11:39
.10 mile: 1:01 (10:23 minute/mile pace)


Sonia said...

'I started feeling like my energy was just being sucked from my body'

This sentense sums up exactly how I feel running in the heat, there are no speeding records to break during those times. Hydrate well and keep a slower pace!! That's what I do and I blame the weather :o)

Becky said...

Now you know what I deal with ;-) I usually do my runs in the morning when the humidity is 80%+ Just yesterday we had over 90% humidity with no rain, you could literally see the water vapor in the air...yuck.

J~Mom said...

Sorry it turned out that way! That is the way the last few of mine have been! :<( Hang tough, it will get beter!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Good job toughing out the run. I don't think it gets that humid here even when it is actually raining.

Marcy said...

Just running with a stroller is a feat in itself! The humidity is everywhere I tell you! It's gross here too. Bleck