Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I should start...

...differentiating between my regular runs and runs done with the stroller in tow.

But then again, it made little difference today. I have been stressed out about a few things recently, and I really released some of the tension during a faster-paced run today. And I set a PR. AND I was pushing the stroller while doing it.

So while the kids were happily watching cars zip by, I was trying to work out some things in my head. Things like money issues, which Tim and I "discussed" last night (complete with tears on my end). And the fact I'm planning on returning to college in the fall after almost a decade out to pursue a career in nursing. I currently hold a BA in journalism, but for some reason going back to school, now that I'm squarely in my 30s, freaks me out. But I really, really want to be a labor and delivery nurse someday, and I know it will never happen if I don't go back to school.

In the end, some of the stress did slip away through the soles of my feet. And I got my runner's high, which I totally love. I think that is one of the reasons I dig running now: all the endorphins. And also because I am getting faster, and getting faster rocks.

Today's stats:

Run(with stroller):
Distance: Three miles
Time: 33:39 (new PR for three miles!! Previous was 34:04, set on June 6)
Pace: 11:13 minute/mile


Mary Christine said...

How Exciting! I went back to school when I was in my 40s. I have never once regretted it. And I enjoyed most every minute of it. I am sure you will too. Being a L&D RN is a real calling. Go for it!

Marcy said...

HOLY MOLY Michelle!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!! I didn't even know that nursing was a passion of yours! Great field to get into too, as far as jobs go! Awesome!! I'm actually kind of jealous!! I'm so happy for you!!

Man I don't know what you're drinking but give me some if it!! You're knocking out these PR's left and right! LOL

Sonia said...

Running is the best therapy! Hope the money problems work out and congrats on your decision to go back to school! It takes a lot of guts to go back to school at this time and pursue your dream!

jay_say said...

My SIL just finished w/ her schooling last year and she's in her 40's... As far as your worries, things will work out. But exercising definitely helps w/ the thougt process.

J~Mom said...

Great run!!!!!!!! I agree with you on the endorphins!!!!!