Thursday, June 7, 2007

Yet another race on my schedule

I am so happy to have found another race in this area!

It is the Tim Brownlow Memorial Run, and it will be held August 5 in Eureka.

Tim, who was known in local running circles, was killed in April while working for UPS. His delivery truck crashed during a sudden rain storm.

I didn't know him, but apparently his funeral was standing room only. The proceeds of the run will go to help his family and his two teenage daughters. It sounds like a worthy cause. Plus, it will satiate my desire for a summer race. Ugh, I know, selfish me. :-(

I'm taking a day of rest. I realized last night that I haven't taken a day off since last Friday, so I think it's about time. :-)


Jason The Running Man said...

Sounds like a good cause! Yes you deserve the rest...great job!

J~Mom said...

Nice choice for a race!!

Marcy said...

That's GREAT Michelle!! Great cause and keeps you happy :) Win/win situation!