Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I am officially a college student... again!

That's right, folks. I am now registered for my first college class in nearly a decade. I was able to register online today for Biology 1, pretty much a beginner biology class. Sure, I have a BA in journalism, but I didn't take many science classes to earn it and the biology I did take I don't remember well. After all, it was 12 years ago.

I start class on August 27. It is an evening class, two days a week, with a lab. I am glad I was able to get an evening class so we won't have to worry about childcare.

I figure this class will be a good way to ease back in to school and build a foundation for the other biology classes I have to take (microbiology, anatomy and physiology) before I can apply to the nursing program. I am quite excited, although I will probably be a bit scared the night class starts. I hope everyone there is old and has kids like me. And I will be a bit disappointed if I earn anything lower than an A! ;-)

Oh, and I did work out tonight. Nothing spectacular, just a peddle on the indoor bike. Now I'm off to prepare for the season premier of Top Chef on Bravo. I LOVE that show!!!!

Today's stats:
Distance: 10.1 miles
Time: 35:58
Pace: 3:33 mile/minute


Marcy said...

CONGRATS!!!!! I'm sure they'll be lots of peeps our age in that class. Most evening classes do. You're going to do GREAT!!!

Awesome job on the bike!

J~Mom said...

You and I are going back at the same time!! Congrats!!!!!!! Awesome job on the bike!!!!!!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Congrats on going back to school. I'm all for continuing edgibication. ;-)