Monday, June 25, 2007


So yesterday's long run left my hips quite sore today. It was kind of a bummer, especially since the run itself went so well. I think I will be doing more longer runs from here on out. My next weekend goal is seven miles. I was close to that this weekend, so I know I can do it.

I opted for a slow bike ride tonight to shake some of the soreness out. So far, so good. Let's see how I feel when my legs are cold again. LOL!!

I found some running inspiration this weekend, courtesy of the Western States 100 Endurance Run. It's a 100-mile trail race that starts in Squaw Valley and ends in my hometown of Auburn, CA. The finish line is actually on the track of Placer High School, my alma mater (Class of '93, woo hoo!!!). A few days before the race, I checked out the Web site ( and found it to be very interesting. Many of the competitors were years older than myself. I mean, there was at least one 70-year-old (and he did finish). It got me to thinking about my running future. Is there ever a chance I would do an ultramarathon? I have always thought that is something out of reach for me. But maybe not? It's kind of exciting to think that in the next several years, I could be doing LONG races, too. Of course I have to get past a half mary first, but I think you guys know what I mean.

Oh, I am still thinking of joining the local running club. Do any of you belong to a running club? I am a little hesitant because I am still a novice, but I know a lot of the people in the club aren't much more experienced than I. It's a relatively small club, with around 140 members to date. The club holds runs periodically, and it sounds like it would be fun to have others to run with from time to time. Yet I am still on the fence. Maybe I'll join in August as a birthday present to myself. ;-)

Today's stats:
Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 7.66 miles


Marcy said...

That's so weird that you talk about the WS 100 because just yesterday Lisa gave me a link to a blogger that ran it and I checked it out. It looks REALLY cool (whether or not I have the cajones and mental toughness to attempt something like that is another story LOL) I think it's great that you're looking ahead! Anything is possible!! Maybe not tomorrow or next week but you can get there if you REALLY want it! Maybe you, Lisa, and I can do it one day. (Years from now when we're "seasoned" LOL)

I'm not in a running club. I think it's a great idea though, especially if you're out on long runs. It makes things a little less lonely :-)

J~Mom said...

I WANT TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally want to do WS100!!!!!!!!! Yeah, Marcy and I were just looking at it yesterday!! How funny, Michelle...I am thinking like 2010? Are you in? :>)

I have not joined the running club yet but I will at my next 5K. You get support and even coaching if you can make it to their workouts!

Sonia said...

There are no bigs that are too big.... :o) 100 milers or 100K its quite the adventure I'm sure!

Jason The Running Man said...

You can do anything you set your mind too!!