Sunday, March 16, 2008

Long run+crappy socks=blisters

I did my long run today. It was nice to get out in the springlike weather and partake in my first long run since Feb. 9.

I wore a different pair of socks than I usually do. I finally found a pair of Adidas socks that don't rub my feet raw, but they were in the wash today. So I threw on a pair of Nike socks and they gave me these awful blisters on the bottom of both feet. I almost called it a day after five miles because of the pain. But I didn't want to walk all that way home, so I ran my full six miles.

I am going to change my footwear and mow the lawn now. Have to get it done before it starts raining again this week!

Today's stats:
Distance: six miles
Time 1:06:44
Pace: 11:07 minute/mile


Mary Gee said...

Oy. You need to lay in a good supply of good socks!

J~Mom said...


Nice job on your long run! Great pace!

Wes said...

Yuk. Blisters suck!! Sorry to hear about the recurring illnesses in your house. It can seem overwhelming at times, with the little germ factories bringing in new doses of viruses every day... Chin up!! It won't last forever.

Mendy said...

Bummer on the socks issues. I've found lately that all my socks are now sinking into my shoes. It's always something'.

Nice run!!!

Sonia said...

You are getting seriously fast lady! I see a 10K in less than 1:05 if your long run (blistered) pace is 11 min/mile!