Tuesday, February 6, 2007


That will be my race bib number for the Avenue of the Giants 10K in
May. I am so excited! I love how they put that info on the Internet
these days. They also say who has registered so far for each race,
where they're from, age, etc. Too cool! So far, only 21 people have
registered for the 10K, but we're still three months away from it. But
hundreds have already registered for the half marathon and full

It looks like we might FINALLY get more rain here starting tonight. I am quite happy about that. January was so dry here, and we usually get drenched in the winter. So this year has been weird! The forecast is saying it might rain the rest of the week. I normally wouldn't say this, but bring it on!!

My hubby is bringing home the treadmill his co-worker gave him tonight. I can't wait to see it!! I just hope it's not a huge piece of crap. Talk about perfect timing!! I can try it out this week if it's raining out. And I won't have to push a stroller. Nice. ;)

I have to go out soon and get new running shoes. Maybe this weekend. Another exciting tidbit. Ha ha!

Oh, and I guess I am really a running nerd now, because I desperately want a Garmin! I know I don't NEED it, but oh boy, do I want it! I can just imagine myself out for a weekend run, glancing at my Garmin as it keeps track of how far I've gone and my pace and whatnot. What a dream that would be!!! I am *so* over my watch with it's old-fashioned chronometer (or as hubby calls it, a timer). *I am rolling my eyes now, can't you tell??* Anyway, if anyone's looking to get me a gift, I will gladly accept a Garmin. *wink, wink*


TX Runner Girl said...

I love my Garmin, but I am still learning how to use all the cool functions. Can't wait to hear all about your 10K!!!

J~Mom said...

They don't put all that information on the web here, I wish they did. How exciting to already have your number!!