Wednesday, February 7, 2007

No running for a few days

Doctor's orders.

I am so glad I went to the chiropractor this evening. I have been dealing with a pinched nerve in my lower back that has started giving me pain in my left hip. After many questions and a consultation, the doctor, who is very nice, took some x-rays of my back and hip. Come to find out, my back was out of alignment and he said my hips were, too (something of that nature).

He did an adjustment on me. I heard things crack and pop that probably haven't cracked and/or popped in years. My left hip popped like you wouldn't believe. It actually felt really good!! He did my back, my hips and my neck. I was scared to death of the neck adjustment, just because I am not usually a fan of having my head ripped from my body. But it wasn't that bad and kinda felt good, too. :)

After I finish my dinner, I have to ice my lower back for 20 minutes. He said that should help a lot with the inflammation going on with my nerve.

I go back on Friday to go over the x-rays (he looked at them tonight, but didn't have time to go over them in earnest with me) and see how things are going. He said with proper maintenance I should be back and running before too long (possibly this weekend even). And hopefully I'll be pain-free!!

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Jason The Running Man said...

Great Blog. Hang in there. Found you through CRN. Have a great day!