Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Got a Garmin!!

Today has to be one of the most exciting days for me as a runner!!!

My wonderful dad, who reads my blog, saw a post where I mentioned I really wanted a Garmin to help me with my training. After reading that, he ordered one for me!! It arrived today and I could not be happier!!

It's the Forerunner 305. I am going to learn how to use it today so I can try it out on my run tomorrow!!! Oh yeah!!!

Thanks Dad!! I really, really appreciate it!!!! :)


Sonia said...

Garmin Forerunner is the BEST!!! =) And you got a cadillac model! Good for you! I have the 201 and I LOVE it, my dad bought it for me too! I never run without it!! Have fun with the toy!

Michelle said...

You're going to love it! Now that I have mine, I can't imagine running without it.

J~Mom said...

WOOHOO!!!!!! The 305!! That is suuuhweett!!