Sunday, February 11, 2007

Decisions, decisions

What's a girl to do?

Even though I have only completed one race so far, I am now constantly looking for new races here to sign up for. I guess you can say I am hooked already. My spring will be spent training for and running a 4.1-mile race and a 10K.

Now there's another race I want to do in late October. It's held in the same area as the 10K I've signed up for in May. The October race offers a 5K, half marathon and marathon. I am seriously considering the half marathon.

Am I nuts?? I'm sure eight months is enough time to prepare, but the thought of running (jogging) such a long distance at once is a bit frightening.

So what should I do? "Wimp out" and do the 5K, or challenge myself and sign up for the HM?

I hope to come up with an answer in the next month or so.


Jason The Running Man said...

Do the half...commit to it, you can do it!:)

J~Mom said...

HM!! HM!!! HM!!! HM!!!

I have absolutely loved training for the half. I know I am going to be totally slow and walk a bunch of it but the training (longer distances) has been great!

GO FOR IT!!!!!!!