Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Adding some cross training

This week I decided to add cross training to my workout schedule. I know it will help me overall with my running and fitness to mix it up a little.

So I hopped on my stationary bike and did a 30-minute workout. Well, it was more like 40 minutes with the warm-up and cool-down, but I didn't really keep track of that part. It felt really good to work my muscles that way. I worked up a nice sweat and covered 8 miles. Not bad. I wish I could run that fast. Ha ha!

I plan on cross training two days a week and running three. The other two days will be rest days. :)

Oh, and today I had a fun outing with my mother-in-law Lynn and the kiddos. We went shopping, and I got new running shoes and shorts. Yeah! I went to a local running store, and the guy working there was so helpful!! He had me try on several different shoes (I have a problem with overpronation and need more stability in my shoe). I finally found a pair that felt like a glove when I put them on. They're the Mizuno Wave Alchemy. I think these are the same shoes Lisa (J~Mom) has. Oh, I cannot tell you how good they felt!! So much better than the Adidas trail runners I've been using!! I am going to try them out on my run tomorrow.

Today's stats:
bike ride
distance: 8 miles
time: 30 minutes


Nikki said...

Michelle! Great job on the running!! I've hopped on the blog/runner bandwagon :p Isn't Lisa a great inspiration ?!?!?!!

Anyways, Glad you liked the new shoes...I'm going to google them. I'm using Addidas' and they are doing great right now..but I'm always up for a new pair of shoes ;)

I run only on a treamil right now, due to the weather...so I'm jealous you get an option!

Can I add you to my reads?

J~Mom said...

Saawweeettt!!!!!! You will love the mizuno's!!!!!!!

Laurel said...

My husband swears by his Mizunos, he gets the same pair, over and over.
Hope they are working out well!