Saturday, February 24, 2007

The weather sucked today...

...but I still did my long run!

It was raining and windy the whole time, which was less than ideal. I started off wearing my iPod and sunglasses, but after two miles I had to take them both off and put them in my pocket. The stupid iPod earbuds kept falling out because my ears were too wet, and I couldn't even see out of the sunglasses because they were covered in water.

So I had planned to jog four miles and call it a day. The first two miles were slow and steady. I had tried a Gu packet before the run (nasty, but seemed to help) and was feeling pretty good. After the second mile, it got a little tough for a while. The wind felt like it was pushing me backward and the rain pounded on my windbreaker which, come to find out, is not waterproof. Ugh.

When I started mile four, I felt a sudden burst of energy hit me and just took off. I ran that mile in a negative split from the previous two, which was awesome. I was feeling not only good, but great!! So great that I decided to hell with four miles and ran five instead! Without stopping or walking at all!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!

I came home soaked from head to toe, but it was so worth it!!! Oh, and I had gotten my hair cut this morning and looked really cute when I left on my run. I came home looking like a drowned cat.

Today's stats:
Distance: five miles
Time: 1 hour, two minutes, 59 seconds
Pace: 12:36 minute/mile
Best pace: 9:44 minute/mile

mile 1: 12:05
mile 2: 13.46
mile 3: 12:56
mile 4: 12:05
mile 5: 12:22


Michelle said...

Great job getting in the long run in bad weather. Don't ya love it when you get that burst of energy, especially when it comes at the end of the run?!

Jason The Running Man said...

AWESOME! Great job on the run. Thanks for the kind words.

J~Mom said... sorry about your hair! You did awesome, especially considering the weather!

Sonia said...

Awesome 5 miler!! I had a similar run as you, but add some really cold weather and ice!

Laurel said...

Good job on the long run. I love that feeling you described.
On another note, I hate running with ipod earbuds. Try a cheap pair that wraps around the top of your ears. They stay in great during a sweaty/rainy run.