Friday, February 23, 2007

Waiting to work out

I just had dinner so I now have to wait for a bit to do my cross training tonight (bike ride). I wasn't able to squeeze in a workout earlier today because I had to take care of a billion errands, most of which revolved around paying bills.

Anyway, I am getting a much-needed haircut tomorrow and I'm thinking of running there and back. Tomorrow is my long run day, anyway. It's a little more than two miles one-way. And it's a different route than my usual ones, which would be a nice change of pace. I guess I am just worried about stopping halfway through my run to sit and have my hair cut. It's probably not even a big deal, but for some reason I like to do my workout at once. Well, I guess I could run through some of the neighborhoods on the way back to stretch the mileage out and not feel so bad about it.

And now I'm thinking about how short I should cut my hair. I am so tired of how it looks. I would like to go shorter and do some layers, but I don't know how it would look. Hmmmm, maybe I need to check out some styles online.

OK, I'll be back later to post workout stats for the day.

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Nikki said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!! I'm sooo jealous to get outside..enjoy it for me! BTW...sorry I have nto posted I've been having puter issues!