Monday, February 26, 2007

Dang, it's cold!!!!!

Today was my Monday three-miler. The weather has been horrible here for several days, and today wasn't any different. It was raining. But it was also really cold. I realized just how cold it was as I pushed the kids in the stroller out the garage door. Brrrrr!!!! I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, windbreaker and pants, but I suddenly wished I had gloves and a hat. I just checked online, and the warmest it's been today was 41 degrees (but felt like 37, says). So that's pretty chilly for us, since we live so close to the coast.

Anyway, The run went fairly well, despite the elements. Not much exciting to report. I really wanted to do 3.5 miles, but decided at three that I was so cold and wet that another 1/2 mile wouldn't be too much fun. Plus, I was recovering from Saturday's five-miler, so I didn't want to push it too much.

My next race is less than two weeks away! Yeah!!! I can't wait!! Tim and the kids are going to watch me run. This race is a really fun one in the town of Ferndale. They call it the Victorian Village because many of the buildings there are original victorians. The downtown area is so cute! There are lots of locally owned shops and boutiques. It's just a charming place.

And this race, the Foggy Bottom Milk Run, always brings out the fun in everyone. When I ran it back in 1997, there were people in costumes and there was music. It was so festive!! I hope to have the camera with us so we can get some good pictures!

Today's stats:
Distance: three miles
Time: 38:54
Pace: 12:58 minute/mile


Nikki said...

ohhh you take the kiddos? what stroller/jogger do you have? How do you keep them occupied?

Great jog! I'm happy to hear you got out in the crappy weather!

J~Mom said...

Great job getting out even in the yucky weather! I can't wait to hear about the next race!!

Jason The Running Man said...

great run in the weather! The shorter hair looks good!:)