Thursday, February 1, 2007

Running for time

Today I decided to run strictly for time. I didn't want to worry about the distance I was covering, and I wanted a change of pace from my usual route. So I loaded the kids and the stroller in the van and headed down to the river trail. It's a packed-gravel trail that parallels the Eel River. It's really a pretty place.

We set out for my warm-up, and I almost stopped my workout right then and there. I've been dealing with a pinched nerve in my back that has been making my life miserable for years. Apparently, it's pinched again and giving me problems. When I started the warm-up, my back and left hip weren't feeling that great. But I kept walking, and eventually it felt much better.

It was weird running on gravel instead of pavement. You definitely have to watch your footing at times. As I was running, I glanced over at the river and noticed how low the water was. We haven't had a substantial rain for at least a month, and it's really starting to show. Our front lawn, which is usually lush and green in the winter, is still dry and dead like it was in September. Man, we need some rain!!!!

Anyway, I ran 30 minutes today. Don't know the distance, but I'm sure it was over two miles. I go to the chiropractor next Wednesday to have my back adjusted. I hope it helps with my problem!!

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J~Mom said...

You lucky dog having your back adjusted! I need to do that!

Sounds like a nice spot to run. I hate running in gravel! It's so wobbly. LOL