Sunday, April 27, 2008

Avenue of the Giants HM, here I come!!!!

I had my last long run today before my HM next weekend. I am getting excited! I was thinking about it today as I headed out the door, and how by this time next weekend I will be done with it already. This HM has been a year in the making for me, since I ran the Ave's 10K last year. I can't believe it's almost time!

Today was an eight-miler. Man, it felt awesome! I didn't even drink all the water I had brought and didn't need any fuel (thanks to a bagel I ate earlier, I am sure). Either way, the run felt easier than normal and my spirits were high.

I bought a sun visor for $1 at Target yesterday and tried it out during my run. Now I REALLY look like a runner! LOL! I am planning to use it during the HM.

Me in my rockin' $1 visor:

The treadmill is headed to the dump as I type this. I am a teeny bit sad, but my new Pro-Form elliptical will be here on Tuesday. Woo hoo!! I can't wait to get it and start using it! Tim said he'd use it too, and I think that's great! It will definitely get a lot of use.

OK, the countdown is on to next Sunday! Yeah!!!

Today's stats:
Distance: eight miles
Time: 1:30:17
Pace: 11:17 minute/mile


Running To Stand Still said...

Look how cute you are and you can't beat a buck!!! Glad your run went well. I am so excited about next weekend for you.

J~Mom said...

Cute visor!! I will have to check those out...I love the dollar spot!!

Nice job on your run! You are totally ready and you are going to do awesome!!!!!

Pokey said...

I am loving the visor Michelle!! I hope it brings you super good running vibes this weekend!!!

I am thinking that the Humbolt HM may be out of the picture for me in October due to schedule conflicts, but not sure yet. I'll keep you posted!! It WOULD be super cool!