Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My daughter, the diva

So Kara is one of the most girly-girl four-year-olds I have ever encountered.

Today she dressed herself -- in a frilly white shirt and layered white skirt. And her white "clock" shoes, which she named herself one day:

Kara: "Mom, where are my clock shoes?"
Me: "Clock shoes? What are clock shoes?"
Kara: "You know, the ones that go "clock, clock" on the floor."
Me: "Ooooohhhhhhh...." (Now I understand she wants the white dress shoes with the heels that make it clip-clop on the floor. So those are now the infamous clock shoes)

Anyway, she wore her girly outfit until it was time to play on the new swing set. Mean mommy made her change into pants.

Later on, the kids and I were in the van taking the recyclables to the dump. Kara pipes up to say she was making her eyes "pretty." Um, what? I snap my head around to see what she's doing. She says "See, Mom? I'm putting this pretty eye stuff on my eyes." She was smudging flavored lip gloss on her eyelids with her finger. *sigh* We started talking and she said she would like some eyeshadow. Mind you, I haven't worn any makeup on a regular basis since I stopped working full-time almost four years ago. I said OK and told I'd see what I could do.

Tonight, after my run and during a trip to the store, I made good on my promise. There was a sale on Wet and Wild makeup (coincidentally, the same brand I used to buy as a teen). I bought her two little rounds of eyeshadow: one pink, one blue. When I presented them to her, she was soooooooo excited! I opened one, and she dug in. Before long, she looked like this:

Then she wanted to experiment on me:

Aren't I beautiful:

Even Matty wasn't safe from Kara and her magic makeup fingers:

Ah, good times.

Oh, I did run tonight. I just couldn't get myself going early this morning, and then I had to babysit. So it goes. I ran to a nearby gated subdivision where there's a neat hill that's about 1/10th of a mile. So yes, I did hills today. You know, run up the hill, walk back down and start over. So I ran one mile to warm up, seven times up the hill (a little farther on the last go-around to make it 3/4 of a mile total of hills) and ran another 3/4 mile to cool-down. It was a good workout, but my legs were screaming at the end. Guess I need to do hills more often.

Today's stats:
warm-up mile: 10:43
.75 miles of hills: 8:09 (10:54 minute/mile pace)
cool-down 3/4 mile: 8:22 (11:11 minute/mile pace)


David said...

Those are the best pics, ever! My co-worker asked what I was laughing about. Grace says things like that, too ("I'm putting my make up on...") and we jump to see what kind of mess or disaster is happening. Never a dull moment with kids, huh?

Hills are an evil beast to be conquered! Good for you, and keep them as part of your training.

J~Mom said...

How fun!! I remember those days with Hannah. *sigh*

Marathoner in Training said...

You need to keep those pictures, that is so cute. Sounds like you have a little diva girl like I have. She likes to put on the makeup and nail polish on everyone.

Sonia said...

hahaha you guys are looking good!!! Poor Matty though!!!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Very sweet. Those pics are some keepers.