Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Well THIS sticks in my craw!

Oh, I am a little ticked off right now.

I just got my May edition of Six Rivers Running Club's newsletter (I am a club member), and saw this little tidbit regarding this year's Avenue of the Giants race:

"The Board voted to eliminate finisher medals for the half marathon."


This REALLY pisses me off! So I get to run my first HM, yet I can't get a cheap-ass medal for it this year? Meanwhile, the 10K runners will still get theirs. How is this even fair? Might as well take a crap in my corn flakes while you're at it.

Talk about putting a damper on this event for me. I know racing isn't all about the awards, but I was really looking forward to having my picture taken afterward with that hardware.



I sent of an email to the club's president to let her know of my displeasure. Here is what I sent (I hope I get a response!):

Dear Karen,

I am a relatively new member of SRRC, having joined last August. I have completed several local races since January 2007, and am running my first Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon this year (I ran the 10K last year).

I just received my latest edition of the club's newsletter, and am greatly upset to read that finisher medals for Ave HM finishers have been eliminated. Is that for this year's race? If it is, SRRC has just broken my heart. This will be my first HM ever and I was greatly looking forward to having that medal as a reminder of my personal victory and all the training I have done to get to this point. I have my medal from last year displayed right here next to my computer. I am not fast enough to win in my age division in a HM, and that's not my main goal anyway. So the finisher medal is *my* prize. I would gladly give up the race T-shirt for a finisher medal.

I hope you understand that doing away with medals for the HM is very upsetting to runners like me, especially if those running the 10K will still be receiving a medal. I am sure a decision like this is budget-based, but if that is the case it would be better to do away with ALL finisher medals, not just those for the HM.

Thank you for your time,



P.O.M. said...

No medal? WHAT?

Next thing you know, they'll poop on your doughnut and call it sprinkles!

Running Jen said...

Wow. I am surprised that the 10K runners will get a medal, but the Half runners will not?! That doesn't make a lot of sense to me, and doesn't seem very fair.

That is a shame Michelle, you deserve a medal for this race, especially being your first half !