Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh no! Not my last good nerve!

I swear, Kara was working my last good nerve today. (Sorry, I love that saying. Especially after learning about the nervous system in anatomy recently.) She was a whiny crab all morning, and no matter what I did she just kept it up. Thankfully, the little terror took a nap for once today, so I got a bit of a reprieve from the constant, torturous whining.

This evening was a hills workout. I like doing hills because it breaks up the monotony of shorter runs. Plus, I get to work my anaerobic fast-twitch muscle fibers, which I admit I don't use enough.

I ran the same hill as last week, but extended how far I ran up it this time. I did a total of one mile of hills. Felt pretty good, except I am having issues with my stupid lumbar spinal nerve that has given me problems in the past (it's L3 or L4, based on my new buddy Dermatome man. (I met him earlier this year in anatomy. GREAT guy!)

Anyway, now I am hurting a little in my hip again. I think another trip to the chiro might be in my future. I just went last Friday. :-(

Today's stats:
Warm-up: 1.12 miles: 12:25 (11:08 minute/mile pace)
Hills: one mile: 11:22
Cool-down: one mile: 11:16
Total: 3.12 miles of running (not including the mile of walking down hill that I covered)


Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Understand the last good nerve thing. I skipped bath and let them wear whatever just to get them in bed tonight.

Take care of those hips. I rely on my chiro and an abundance of various hip flexor, IT band, hammy, and glut stretches to try to keep my hips ok.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

My trick is to throw them in the shower for 20 or 30 minutes. They have a ball and I get a break. :D

Hope your hip is better. Amy and I both struggle with bum hips.

J~Mom said...

Do you have some good stretches for your hip? If not email me.

I totally love that saying about the last nerve!

Mary Gee said...

I love dermatome man. He is a great diagnostic pal, and can deliver really bad news without ever changing expression!

Sonia said...

I also rely on a chiro... she told me people out there are able to run pain free... I have yet to believe it!! LOL