Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ow, my head

I woke up today with a raging headache. So I wasn't interested in springing out of bed early to work out. I had to get up several times last night to comfort crying children, so I was tired anyway. Therefore, I didn't work out until now, since Matty is taking his afternoon nap. Worked out well anyway and I still got done before dinnertime, so no harm done.

Kara helped me pass the time as I peddled on the stationary bike. She is a princess today (like almost every day), so she was showing off her princess charms by twirling in circles, Curtsying, stacking 20 headbands on her head at once (OK, it was only five, but still...) and referring to me as "Queen." I finally told her she could call me Mom again after she spent three minutes calling "Queen!" to me, only to have me ignore her because I didn't recognize my new moniker. She's still calling me Queen, though.

Every day that creeps by I get more and more scared about the half marathon. Of course, I am excited also. But I am scared that only doing one long run a week will hurt me. I am probably just being paranoid about it and everything will be fine. After all, it's not like I'm some world-class athlete who HAS to perform well and run fast. Thank goodness. My main goal is to finish, and if I have a strong finish time, then great!

I'm already seeing some results from my new routine of working out more and eating better. For one, I have more energy. And I have lost a pound since Sunday. I know, I should weigh myself once a week and probably not more often, but I just wanted to see if anything was happening, so I weighed myself last night. I'm hoping to shed eight pounds by my HM, so if I can lose two pounds a week I will be set. :-)

That's all for now. I have to shower and fold laundry (ugh, I wish I had a maid).

Today's stats:
Distance: 10 miles
Time: 39:15


Mary Gee said...

You will be fabulous at your HM!

RunnerGirl said...

You'll do great at the half marathon, don't worry!

Marcy said...

You will manage fine ;D There are peeps out there that do less training (if any LOL) and still finish :-) Don't you sweat it!

Running Jen said...

You will do great in your HM! When I ran mine back in December, I decided on a whim to just do it. I was running my regular 6-8 miles each run, and on Thanksgiving morning I ran 12 and thought, "wait, there's a HM coming up, maybe I'll do it". So, I signed up with 1 week notice and I did it.

So, you will do great, I think with just one long run a week you will do just fine. I had the same goal you did, just to finish the thing, and I did.

David said...

Queen Michelle,
For me, the pressure comes from wanting to do better than realisticly possible, like I'm going to have some sort of crazy freak ability on race day. Events that I've started just to have fun have been entirely different, and I don't worry. Think of it as a practice race for the big race in October. This one is to get the experience of running the distance and the crowds, right? Do well, but don't worry. You know you can complete it, and you know you will do better than many others, and better than yourself of a few years ago. You'll rock it, your highness.