Thursday, April 10, 2008

I need more days like this

Not only did I have a good run this evening, but the kids and I had a fun day out.

We went to Eureka today. I had to go to Costco to pick up some stuff. Then the kids and I went to the mall to visit Tim, who was doing some stuff for this weekend's local Easter Seals telethon, and go to the bounce house place. Kara always has such a great time there. Matty likes it, but he has a hard time getting his footing on the slippery inflated surface. Today was the last day he can get in for free, as his second birthday is tomorrow.

So I saved my run for tonight. It was really, really good -- except for the fact Garmin died at around the end of mile 1. I had him plugged in, but I think one of the kids jiggled him off his base and he lost his charge. Grrrrr... So I had to use to figure out how far I had gone. But the weather could not have been nicer for a run, so I was thrilled.

Tim is taking tomorrow off for Matty's birthday, so we'll be spending some family time together. I still can't believe my baby is going to be two!

Oh, and the gem of the day, courtesy of Kara:

Kara: (yelling for me across the room after she had used her little potty) "Come, look at my poop!! It's HUGE!!!!!" (She was right...)

Today's stats:
Distance: 3.25 miles (according to
Time: don't know, but it felt pretty fast


David said...

You'll have to remember that when she brings home a boyfriend. That should be enough to kill the mood. Grace once urged me to look at one of hers, saying it looked like a foot. It did. Still trying to get rid of that mental image.

Mendy said...

Just got caught up on your blog entries for the last few days. Those pics of the eye shadow crack me up!

Happy Birthday to Matty!!!

J~Mom said...

Happy birthday Matty!!

Mary Gee said...

Happy Birthday Matty!