Thursday, April 24, 2008

Coming back to post this

Thanks already for the advice on ellipticals!

It's funny a couple of you have Pro-Form ones, since that is the one I am seriously considering! Here is a link. The price is good too, and the sale ends tomorrow. I need to make a trip by Sears to check it out tomorrow and then I will make a decision!

Check it out:
Pro-Form XP 520 Razor


Mary Gee said...

That looks like a good one.

To answer your question: I am the director of performance improvement and patient safety program at a psychiatric hospital. My bachelor's is in health information management, and my master's is in health services administration.

Marcy said...

That one is similar to mine. Looks good, and from what I take from the review rating it looks alright :-)

Running Jen said...

That looks like a good one, looks very similar to mine, actually. When you're at the store, inquire about the warranty on it, I normally do not buy extended warranties on anything, but I did buy a two year on my machine, and it came in handy. Something went wrong with it about 6 months after I got it, of course I can't remember exactly what that was, but they came out and fixed it, no problem. The only reason I bought the warranty was because it was very reasonable, and included with that was routine yearly maintenance, they'd come service it once a year. Just something to look into, I just remember being surprised at how cheap it was when I did it 3 years ago. Good luck!