Thursday, June 26, 2008

June has been a rotten running month

Well, for me, at least.

Between being sick, starting summer session at school and feeling like a lazy bum, June has been craptacular in terms of my running. I haven't put many miles in, and the miles I have managed haven't been spectacular (outside of the race PR I set a few weeks ago). It feels like June's just going to be a write-off for me in terms of working out.

I need to get serious again about HM training, since my next one is in October. I really want to post a faster time than I did in my first HM last month. I know it is totally possible (especially if I don't fall again), but I need to start getting some good mileage under my belt again. I think next week I will start working on this, although it will be a challenge with my current schedule. I'll just have to take things day by day.

I took the kiddos to the park today, but not before doing an elliptical workout. It was OK. This evening, I decided to go for a run. I was planning on two miles at first. Then I figured I'd do 30 minutes and stop. Well, once I got to that point, I opted to run three miles. Then I stopped. I was pretty close to home and wanted to walk a little. It was a pretty good run, but the numbers weren't outstanding or anything (oh, and I somehow got Garmin to work again. Not sure how, but I'm not going to question it). I just wanted to get some running in today. I am hoping to do a "longer" run on Saturday (like four or five miles, max.). I guess I just have to build back up to where I was before we went on vacation last month.

Things could be so much worse, though. If we lived in the Redding area (our former home), we'd be choking on the smoke coming from dozens of fires currently burning in Northern California. I remember fire season very well when I was a reporter there, and how awful it was to be near a fire and have to breathe in that smoke. Ick. My parents, in Auburn, are also dealing with tons of smoke from other fires down in their area. Speaking of Auburn, the annual Western States Endurance Run has been canceled for this weekend due to the close proximity of some of the fires and poor air quality. I feel badly for those runners who have trained all year for this 100-mile race, but it's better to call it off and keep everyone safe. Total bummer, though. Thanks, freakin' thunderstorms and dry lightning.

Today's stats:
Time: 30 minutes

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 33:31
Pace: 11:10 minute/mile


J~Mom said...

It's sad about Western States but really sounds like it's for the best. I can't imagine training and getting ready for a 100 miler and then not be able to do it but it's more important to keep everyone safe. Don't worry about June, you will be back and stronger from letting your body rest.

Running To Stand Still said...

Maybe the rest was good for you. I mean you bit it pretty hard. Now your knee had a long time to heal after your fall.

What is with these classes? Do you think they are trying to kill us or what? How is yours going anyway?

Sonia said...

Forget about June, you have enough time to prepare for your half starting now! Good luck getting back at it. What a bummer about the 100 miler, glad you live far away from the fires.