Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tonight I'm gonna party... it's 19:49!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ran the two-mile race Atalanta's Victory Run this morning, and am quite happy to say I set another PR for this distance!

If you didn't see the above, my official finish time was 19:49.

My splits were almost identical (within a couple seconds of each other, according to Garmin, unlike last year where I started out really strong and finished my second mile a whole minute slower), and my overall pace was 9:54 minute/mile.

I beat last year's time by 12 seconds! Talk about thrilling for me!

And I did win an award in my age division. A couple speedy McSpeedersons (as Marcy would say) showed up, but I still finished third in my age division (and yes, there were more than three in my division) and brought home another pin.

So yay!!!

I don't have an "organized" race report, as it is such a short race. I mean, not a lot really went through my mind during those two miles, except "Please let me PR" and "Hope I don't pass out/throw up/die." There was one young girl (like maybe around seven or eight) who fell a few yards in front of me and scraped her knee about 1/2 mile into the race, but she eventually got up and ran it off. I think she came back to pass me (as did her mom -- they were fast!) and finish before I did.

Of course, Kara tripped and fell on our way back to the van after everything was over, and she had a hysterical crying fit for about 15 minutes. And she just BARELY scraped her knee. She was convinced it was going to kill her, I guess. Luckily, her MooMa (grandma) cleaned it up and she was able to walk again (her words). It's a miracle!! *wink*

Updated to add pics:

The kids sticking to me like glue pre-race:

The sea of "womanity" taking off:

Here I come!:

Kara and Mommy at the Arcata Farmer's Market afterward:

Today's stats:
Atalanta's Victory Run:
Distance: two miles
Time: 19:49 (PR! PR! PR!!)
Pace: 9:54 minute/mile (Another PR!)

Finished 36 out of 219
Finished 3 out of 21 in age division


Running To Stand Still said...

AWESOME!!!! I have been wondering how you did all day!! I am so happy!!!

Kaleigh is the exact same way when she gets hurt.

Running Jen said...

Great job Michelle!!! I am so proud of you, look how great you did!!

I hear ya on the boo-boo's being a BIG deal at times. We have had similar situations here, that's for sure.

Caren said...

Congratulations on your race! That's really impressive!

I'm glad I have a boy, I swear my guy could lose an arm and probably still wouldn't cry for long. Not that I want that to happen of course. ;)

Marcy said...

WHOOOOOOOAAAA!! OMG that's fantastic chica!! YOu sure were bookin it!! ;D ;D CONGRATS!!

Mary Gee said...

Some kids just have a flair for drama... and I am sad to inform you that they turn into adults with a flair for drama - or at least MY drama princess turned into a full fledged queen!

Mary Gee said...

Oh, and GREAT job on the race.