Friday, June 27, 2008

Smoky skies

We're finally seeing smoke from all the wildfires burning in Humboldt and Trinity counties. It started wafting in this morning, and by evening the sun looked red and ominous. And the air is just icky brown. Luckily it doesn't smell too much like smoke out there, but that could change. I am still hoping for a long evening run tomorrow, but if the smoke gets worse I might just opt for an indoor workout instead.

I'll be taking the kids to the zoo tomorrow morning. We'll be meeting MooMa (grandma) there, and then she and Papa will take the kids for the night. Yeah! It won't be all party-time for me, though. I'll be finishing my two lab reports that are due Monday, as well as meeting with Kristen to study for our first test. We only have six weeks left of summer school. It will be over before I know it.

Today's stats:
Distance: 7.3 miles
Time: 30 minutes


Mendy said...

Bummer on the wildfires. Hopefully, the air will get better for you soon. Good luck in school!!!

Running To Stand Still said...

Hope it doesn't get too smoky by you. Good luck on getting all of your work done!