Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Why won't my Garmin hold a charge?

This is kinda irritating.

I went out for a run this afternoon, and my Garmin died. Again.

I noticed it had been knocked off the charger this morning. I didn't think anything else of it until I turned it on right before my run and it said the battery was low. It had been charging for a few days prior (I know it was on the base last night) and I hadn't used it since last Wednesday.

What the hell?

Seems to me that if it had been charged, which it had, and hadn't been used, that it would be able to go for a short run and not conk out on me, right?

Not so much. Garmin died right before I finished my first mile today. And that sucks because I was freakin' ROCKIN' the first mile. Like at a sub-10-minute pace for a lot of it. Grrrr....

Does anyone else have this issue?

So I had to guess on my distance (I was supposed to do three miles today) and I kept track of the songs I was listening to so I could add up the total number of minutes for an approximate finish time.

So here's what I got, thanks to mapmyrun.com:

Today's stats:
Distance: 3.23 miles
Time: 34:30
Pace: 10:40 minute/mile

(I also did a bike ride before the run):
Distance: 5.28 miles
Time: 20 minutes

During my walk home, I stopped at the elementary school and voted. Not many other voters there, to be sure. The poll workers looked beyond bored and they all jumped at the chance to help me. So yay for good service! LOL! There was only one thing really worth voting for, but I am trying to kick myself into voting more often than I do. Gotta do my civic duty, right?


J~Mom said...

You keep getting faster and faster!! Great job! I don't know about your Garmin...I always keep mine on the charger when not in use so I don't ever have a problem. I wonder if the cord is faulty?

Marcy said...

I was thinking the same thing as Lisa. Maybe the cord? How do you charge it? In the wall or through the comp? I'd try doing the opposite of what you norm do and see if that helps?!

Running To Stand Still said...

Sounds like you have been having great runs. Sorry bout the Garmin issue. No clue here yet.

Mendy said...

Bummer on the Garmin. I had that issue right before mine decided to croak. Blah...

Great job on the run! Awesome pace too!