Thursday, June 12, 2008

No running today

Just when things seem to be going well, silly ol' me has to go and pull a deep muscle in my hip area. I went to the chiropractor yesterday, and he said to lay off the running for a few days. That sucks because I want to run, but I know it's best not to. I still want to use the elliptical tonight because I don't have pain when I use that machine. We'll see.

My days of summer are coming to an end, and it's not even "officially" summer yet. I start summer school on Monday and I hope I will have as much fun as I did in anatomy. Maybe I'll try early morning runs again on the days I have school (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). I really wish I was a morning person. It would make my life easier to get that stuff done earlier in the day.

OK, I may or may not come back on later with a workout update.


Mary Gee said...

What muscle? Oh dear. HOpe you are on the mend soon.

Sonia said...

Aren,t we all the same, when we can't run we really want to... and when we can we lack motivation lol

Hope it is going to heal soon, have a great week-end. Your last before summer school exams and studying!

Running To Stand Still said...

Good luck in your class. It will feel good to have another one done!!! I have one more week of Statistics then onto Child Psych.

Hope your hip feels better fast.