Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Day of rest

Wait, did I just type "day of rest"?

Such a thing really does not exist in my household. With two kids and endless chores, rest is not something I get often anymore.

But that's OK. Why, you ask? Because Tim, who is a living good luck charm, just won two tickets for the NCAA Basketball Division II West Regional Championships! Humboldt State University, our alma mater, is hosting it for the first time ever. Tickets are so hard to come by, but the Alumni Association we belong to just gave away two sets of tickets through an e-mail contest. The tickets are good for every game, which is awesome! The first game is Friday night. We just have to get sitters for the kids. Woo hoo!!!!

Hosting this championship is seriously huge for our school. I feel so fortunate we live close enough that we can watch history unfold in person!! Go Lumberjacks!


J~Mom said...

That sounds exciting!! I hope you can take some pics!

Sonia said...

Have fun at the game!!!