Sunday, March 18, 2007

Number crunching

It's late, but I can't seem to wind down and go to sleep. So I thought I'd crunch some numbers on how I've been doing with my running this month.

To date, I have run 24.95 miles this month. I usually run Monday, Wednesday and save my long run for Saturday. If I continue with that pattern, I have six more running days this month. My short runs are now 3.5 miles and the long one is 5.25 miles. If I do that for two more weeks, I will end the month having covered 49.45 miles.

In February, I ran 28.32 miles. I will surpass that after my next run on Monday.

From mid-January, when I started this blog, until the end of January, I covered 18.83 miles.

My mileage is definitely increasing!!! If I do my planned runs for the remainder of this month, that will put me at 96.6 miles covered since mid-January. Wow!!! It is amazing how fast those miles have gone.

OK, off to bed. All this number-crunching has made me groggy.


Faithful Soles said...

Michelle, I saw where you had given an encouraging comment on "I'm Running Away from Childhood" blog about her weight loss. If you get a chance, please visit my running web site, Faithful Soles. I have a categorized and searchable tunning Blog Database on there and would appreciate it if you would link your blog to it (the blog you commented on is linked to it). I believe with you starting back on your running program, you will find the stories and other bloggers very inspirational (wait until you see the "Story of the Week" for March 19-25, it will really inspire you). Thanks and keep up the good work.

Phil said...

It's exciting building up your mileage. Just make sure you take the long view and keep the build up slow and steady to avoid injuries. I try not to add more than one mile every two weeks to my long run and don't add more than 4 or 5 miles a week to my total mileage. You're doing great and have nothing but time to go from good to great.

J~Mom said...

Great job with your miles, Michelle!! I agree with Phil on the build up, I have had to be so patient as injuries have healed and it stinks so build up slow and steady!

Sonia said...

Hey Michelle!! Great numbers!! =) Slowly and steady increase is the best way to stay injury free!

Laurel said...

Looking good. Sounds like you're really improving nicely.