Sunday, March 4, 2007

One week!!

Well, there's technically less than one week from this very second until my next race!

I didn't run today. Instead, Tim, Kara and I did a couple hours worth of yard work. Little Matty had to be content with watching us from his Pack'n'Play. Eventually he fell asleep, so I guess we weren't all that interesting.

Anyway, I pulled weeds and mowed the lawn. Tim trimmed a hedge and assisted with the weeds. Kara, bless her heart, "helped" with the weeds, too. Of course, her idea of lending a hand entailed digging holes in the flower bed and harassing every bug she found. Gotta love three-year-olds. At least she enjoyed herself.

So the countdown is on to the Foggy Bottom Milk Run. I feel fairly well-prepared, despite the fact I missed a run or two last week. It's only 4.1 miles. I've done four and five-milers the past couple weeks, so I know I can cover the distance. And the course is flat, which is awesome. I'm sure it will be easier than the Trinidad to Clam Beach run I did in January. That one was a hilly bastard! But I've already made up my mind to tackle it again next year. I'm just crazy, I guess. *wink*

I hope the next week passes quickly because I am itchin' for some competition! I would love to run the whole thing in less than 48 minutes, but if I finish in less than 50 I will be happy. I tend to want to run faster when others are around, but I don't want to go out too fast and fizzle in the finish.

Tim and the kids will be going to cheer me on and take some pictures I can post here. I am excited they will be there! I'll probably tear up a little when I see them as I cross the finish line. My daughter absolutely loves running, so I hope to get her on the race course within the next few years.


Michelle said...

You'll do great at your race this weekend, I'm sure. And it's so awesome when the family is there to cheer you on :)

J~Mom said...

You are going to do awesome!! Glad you are back at it!!

Nikki said...

Pulling weeds after a winter off will show you muscles you didnt' k now you had :p

I got teary eyed when I thought of your fam watching too! I thought of it when I started running and damn I'm to emotional about it ;)

Good luck this week...your going to rock that run out!!