Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tomorrow's the big day!

Yes, my second race this year is tomorrow!!!

I got my race bib today for the Foggy Bottom Milk Run. I am number 1204. I think it might be good luck, because 4 is one of my favorite numbers. Let's hope it holds true tomorrow!!!

I was visualizing in the shower how I wanted to run this race. I am feeling confident about my ability to run it the way I want. And the weather should be good, too. No rain predicted and partly cloudy skies.

Tim's boss Lisa said she'd like to watch the race. Even though she's Tim's boss, we're friends with her. It will be fun to hang out with her in Ferndale.

We're getting ready to leave for Humboldt State's second game in the championship tonight, so I won't be back until tomorrow evening. I will post my race report and pictures then!


Mary Christine said...

How exciting! Good luck and I will check back to see how it went.

Sonia said...

I'm excited for you! Good luck again! How odd is that 4.1 mile course? I've never heard of that before! :o)

J~Mom said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you are going to do ggggrrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaaatttttt!!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Hope it went well!!!!! Can't wait to hear an update, and see pics :)

Nikki said...

Have fun at the game tonight..and have a grea run tomorrow!!!!

I can't wait to see how it goes and hear!

Your going ot do great!